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ontd_tvdiaries's Journal

o n t d _ t v d i a r i e s
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The best LJ comm for everything relating to The Vampire Diaries & the actors with weekly discussions

go nuts about your love for all things vampire diaries.
especially the boys.

this is a community dedicated to the CW television show the vampire diaries, we have weekly episode watch a longs and discussion posts. entries are locked, you need to join to see entries.

Make a PostRULES
1. Be respectful to all members. Not everyone shares the same opinion. We can have fun without being complete assholes!
2. Spoilers go behind a cut.
3. Try to tag your posts correctly.
4. Graphics, gifs, fanart, fanfics, fanvideos, etc all go in the weekly graphic post. Icon posts to the community and not in the post will be deleted.
5. Promotion posts are not allowed. We have a weekly promotion post and any community (TVD related and not) can promote there.
6. Don't fake-cut/link to other websites/communities/journals. Just share the information in the community and credit them as the source. Fake-cuts will be deleted.
7. Big pictures go under a cut, please!
8. Use the page-a-mod for any questions, suggestions, concerns, complaints, etc.
9. Check out our twitter and our tumblr!

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